Journal of Forest Business Research

Forest Business Analytics is a registered publisher of the Journal of Forest Business Research (JFBR). JFBR is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal devoted to the science of sustainable business within the forest sector. JFBR publishes original research and reviews about forest resources and natural resources managed as traditional or ESG investments with a focus on forest investment, finance and business, forest-related industries and wood market dynamics, silviculture and management, and economics and policy.

International Forest Business Conference

A two-day biannual International Forest Business Conference (IFBC) focuses on megatrends that shape responsible forest and wood industry investments for climate and biodiversity actions. The conference aims to bring together leading forest management organizations (TIMOs), investors interested in forest assets and carbon offsets (e.g., net-zero companies, public and corporate pension funds, wealth managers and private banks, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments), sustainable wood industry representatives, forestry-related software companies in order to exchange and share experiences and ideas about challenges and opportunities for forest sector as a natural climate solution.

Forest Business Analytics

In an era where data serves as the bedrock of decision-making, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to harness information for strategic advantage. In this landscape, Forest Business Analytics emerges as a beacon of consultancy and research excellence, offering comprehensive solutions to empower businesses operating within or reliant upon forest-based industries. With a fusion of domain expertise and cutting-edge analytical tools, Forest Business Analytics stands as a steadfast partner in propelling growth and sustainability.